Saturday, February 13, 2010

Daylight Gained Per Day After The Solstice How Much Day -light Do We Gain Each Day At This Time Of Year ?

How much day -light do we gain each day at this time of year ? - daylight gained per day after the solstice

The other day my roommate informed me that we won 7 minutes daylight. I told him I thought he was a closer to two. Then, as amended by deep reflection, to 3, then 2 I'm confused, 7,3,2 or 1. Does anyone have the right number?


ronwizfr said...

Depends on what win its width above the equator, every day more.
If you are in Miami, is the gain only 50 seconds, but in Boston, is more likely to double.

In both cases is low, as we have over 21 December, when it is exactly zero, the whole world.

Bob G said...

The variation curve of daylight and the actual amount of light depends on latitude and date. Wins In other words, almost every city loses a different amount of daylight for a particular day.

Here is a link to a simulator for it:

Philip J said...

Most weather reports give sunrise and sunset for his position. Select a time the pages and enter your postcode or the name of the city. Find the section of astronomy.

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